Monday, January 10, 2005

Comforting / worrying influences:

Coffee and Cigarettes - Directed by Jim Jarmusch

Not sure if this film is for everyone, but I really loved it. This film offers a series of short black and white films revolving around the themes of 'coffee' and 'cigarettes', amongst others. The final film really seemed to sum up the dominant idea behind these. Life is presented as a type of coffee break in itself, condensed like an esspresso. You can sit and accept a bad tasting cup of coffee, or you can ask for champagne.

Calming song

Wild as the wind - Nina Simone

Thursday, January 06, 2005


How long it has been since this blog was updated...


Comforting influences:


Calming songs:

There she goes my beautiful world - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Saturday - The Carpenters

Monday, November 01, 2004


Bad Halloween parties...

New words such as 'chillax', 'retrosexual' and 'metrosexual'...

Comforting influences:

Sunday lunch and a few beers, followed by coffee and chocolate truffle cake..............

Super Size Me - Very good, but maybe a little bit too long... Very funny puke scene (?!)

Calming songs:

Sprout and the bean - Joanna Newson
Shallow - Heavenly
Thirteen - Big Star

Monday, October 25, 2004


Different rates of aging in The Simpsons.

Comforting influences:

Tube Bar @ IAC - Same songs, same people, same sound problems, but v. fun none the less.

Franz Ferdinand @ De Montfort Hall - Very good band to watch live. The Ferdinand boys are very funny in a tongue-in-cheek, melodramatic kind of way. Lots of good songs from the album, plus a surprise guest appearance from Bob Log III who played stand up drums during the encore! Me and da Binz also approved of the tight, slightly too short trousers.

Calming songs:

Good Friday - CocoRosie
Awkward Duet - Sons and Daughters
Emily Snow - M. Craft
The Chelsea Hotel Oral Sex Song - Jeffrey Lewis

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


How long it has been since anything has been worried about on this blog....?

Comforting Influences:

Lots of films! for example...

Ping Pong - directed by Fumihiko Sori . Strange CGI butterfly wings...

Love me if you dare (Jeux D'Enfants) - directed by Yann Samuel. Jeux D'Enfants offers 'black magic realism' with more than a touch of Jeunet-style charm. This film seems to overtake the fluffy world of romantic comedy. Via dares, flirtation and tricks, the action moves towards more of an uncontrolled obsession than fairytale romance, complete with a pleasantly ambiguous finale....

Le Tigre / Electrelane @ Islington Academy - Great gig! I love Le Tigre's projector show. New songs were sounding pretty good too.

Calming Songs:

Bottle Rocket - The Go! Team
Milkman - Deerhoof

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Comforting influences:

La Haine (Hate) directed by Mathieu Kassovitz

This film was shown part of a season of films showing at the Phoenix Arts Centre involving Unite (Against fascism). Set in the banlieuses of Paris, we are shown a day in the life of three boys from three different racial backgrounds, all coming to terms with the aftershock of a riot which took place in their neighbourhood the previous night. This film gives an anti-authoritarian exploration of racial tension and class struggle, masculine gender identity and individual awareness. At the film's onset we are told a joke about a man falling from a 50 story building, repeating to himself the phrase "So far so good" until he hits the ground. At a later stage in this film, one of these three friends makes a connection between this joke and their own lives. His developing sense of anger, fear and resentment is reflected by an increasing awareness of just how precarious their reality is. So far they have been saved by luck? chance? 'So far so good', however it is clear that at any moment their whole existence might come crashing down to earth. V. V. Recommended.

Calming Songs:

Don't Believe the Hype - Public Enemy
Wipe It Away - Bleach

Monday, September 27, 2004


Ferris Bueller's Day Off... Oh dear! Have just discovered that the actor Jeffrey Jones who played Ed Rooney in this film is actually a convicted child sex offender... Bizarre mug shot here. Don't think I can watch that particular cheesy 80's flick in quite the same way again... Mr. Rooney's total obsession with Ferris used to seem almost endearing... Hmmm...

Calming influences:

Josie's Birthday Party!

Rediscovering poetry you liked when you were a teenager!:

'Things' by Fleur Adcock

There are worse things than having behaved foolishly in public.
There are worse things than these minature betrayals,
Committed or endured or suspected; there are worse things
Than not being able to sleep at night for thinking about them.
It is 5 a.m. All the worse things come stalking in
and stand icily about the bed looking worse and worse and worse.

Lost In Translation directed by Sofia Coppola
Had to see this film again. This movie explores the nature of human relationships in an incredibly perceptive, non-sentimental, powerful and honest way. Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson work so well on screen together. V. Recommended.

Calming songs:

Today I sing the blues - Aretha Franklin
Waking Up - Elastica
Birds - Electrelane

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